Selling is not begging


Selling is not begging

When I was younger, my strict ideas about begging led me to think

that sales was a form of begging, but not anymore.

Truth be told I can still see how you can come to that conclusion.

The mindset now however, is that it is the lesser of two evils.


It is understandable that you may have the notion that a salesman

(and all customer service) is at the mercy of the customer.

There always must be a need to satisfy your customer.

The 'customer is always right' mantra makes sure to give that impression.


I previously thought it was stressful to try please a rotating door of clients

that would have a range of ideas and temperaments.

Now I think there is more stress involved with a boss that you can not avoid

than with a prospect you can simply walk away from.


This might be considered an outlandish statement as many salesmen

are taught that they should never choose to walk away without a sale.

Unfortunately they are told this, not for their own benefit,

but to allow their company to make the maximum profit.


Selling is not begging - If you are realistic

One of the principles of being a good salesman is

having the ability to choose your prospects well.

If you have ever been in a sales opportunity before,

you would know that not everyone practices this skill.


A good salesman is usually said to be able to sell ice to an Eskimo.

That is not sales, that is mind control.

Everything about this belief is what made me hate sales.

This takes persuasion to a ridiculous level in a effort to encourage

salesmen to think that they can do the impossible.


There are MANY instances where you will not and even should not

be able to persuade a prospect to buy....... accept it and move on.

Even if you manage a sale to someone that you know shouldn't buy,

will the buyer's remorse help or hurt future sales?


A sale is not the end of the line.

After sales service and customer reviews are part

of your of positive and negative successes and shortcomings.

Indiscriminate unloading of your product is not recommended.


If you have no confidence in your product,

you should not sell it.

If you think your product does not match your prospect,

do not force it on them.


Brett CruickshankMy name is Brett Cruickshank

I want to make a living by getting the maximum

benefit from the work I put out.

It IS possible!


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I hate begging


I hate begging

I have always preferred to do without.

Even as a child i would curb my curiosity rather than giving

other children the satisfaction of seeing me beg for....... whatever.

So I guess it is more than just a matter of pride with me,

it is part of my core personality for better or for worse.


Work for what you want and if you have not put in the work,

do not be so bold to be jealous of the ones who did.


What happens when the things that you have worked for,

the things you deserve are withheld from you?

It may feel like you are begging to get what you want anyway.

This is what happens when someone has power over you.


This describes many work environments across the globe.

It is a power trip the the people in charge

and purposefully degrading to those without the ability to demand.

It should not happen but it can and does happen.


If you have a job you deserve certain things by law.

No employer likes to be threatened with legal action.

Demanding what is owed to you effectively puts your future employment

in jeopardy (even if they have to find an unrelated issue to fire you on).


It doesn't stop there.

You beg for a raise, beg to get your contract renewed,

beg for salaries to be released on time, beg for time off.

 I hate begging

I hate begging - but it's all relative

The argument can be made that it is all relative.

What I see as begging can be seen as a perfectly acceptable

way to ask for what you want.

This is completely valid and I agree.


If you are comfortable in your job, asking for any courtesy

may not even approach the realm of begging.

If you are not, you may dread speaking to your bosses about

any of your needs because anything he gives you is treated as a favor.


If you are comfortable in your job, we do not have too much in common.

The other option is to be your own boss.

The freedom to reap the products of what you sew without asking permission.

Network with others as equals and learn to take control of your life.


Of course there are some that will never accept the risk

of personal responsibility for numerous reasons.

Only if you are willing to step out of your boss - employee dynamic

and still be productive can you stop begging for what you want.


Brett CruickshankMy name is Brett Cruickshank

I like freedom and most jobs do not encourage it.

Are you comfortable where you are?

Contact me if you feel the need to change.



The opportunity to own your own business is infinitely easier with the internet.

Own a site with no technical knowledge and sell products that you do not maufacture.



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Living Well


Living Well

If you want to live long,  make a contribution to the world,

be successful in your career, have happier relationships,

have great intuition and imagination,

you must take care of both your mind and body.


The balance between mental and physical is a necessary

and unending ordeal that can easily be thrown into disarray.

Focus on only one will not help as much as you think it might.


Physical Wellness


Easier said than done.

As a matter a fact, time constraints may demand that you forgo some sleep.

Make it a priority to plan around your sleep and avoid wasting your time

during the day so you can get in your eight hours at night.



The fuel that you body needs to do what you require of it.

I will not act like a dietician and tell you recommended eating habits

but I will say that you must pay attention to it.

I know too many people who get a headache after eating and do not know why.


Physical activity

I hesitate to say exercise because i do not view walking

around the office as enough to be called a work out.

Instead let us say, you must avoid staying still for your entire day without

balancing it out with something to keep your body in motion and healthy.


Mental Wellness

Clear your mind

Meditation for at least 20 minutes every day,

either sitting quietly watching your breath.

Living a consistently busy life without moments of calm and clarity

is a recipe for experiencing burnout, usually at crunch time.

Healthy emotions

Start your day by saying, I want a loving, compassionate heart;

a joyful, energetic body; a clear, reflective mind; and lightness of being.

Let your action take their instructions around that commitment.

Stay away from grievances, anger, fear, guilt—these deplete your energy.



Never stop learning, it is not a right reserved for school.

As a matter a fact learning is not necessarily related to an acedemic

field of study, it might just be something interesting.

The bottom line is to continuously ask why.


Brett CruickshankDo whatever it takes!

My name is Brett Cruickshank

Getting your life in order is a full time job





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Boosting Self-Esteem


Boosting Self-Esteem

Focus on your successes, not your failures.

Most people take for granted the things they’ve done.

There are many triumphs in life both large and small that we take

for granted because so many others have also achieved the same.


We can all feel like we have not accomplished enough with our lives.

It may be amplified if we are put in situations where we are surrounded

by people who are more successful than ourselves.

You have no reason to feel inadequate, there are many less fortunate than you.


Everyone has feelings inadequacy and in a way they are necessary to motivate

you to fuel your ambition to achieve more.

Allowing these feelings to convince you that you incapable,

or in any way worth less than someone else is going in the wrong direction.


While your lack of achievement may be the reality of the situation,

it does not dictate what you will achieve from this moment forward.

You are never condemned to failure because of your previous failures.

Today will always be a chance to turn things around.

Boosting Self Esteem

Boosting Self-Esteem - Any way you can

Keep a victory box.

A place where you put letters, awards and pictures that make you feel good.

Go there when you’re feeling down.


Try the mirror exercise.

Before you go to bed, stand in front of the mirror and look yourself.

List to your reflection the things that you appreciate and acknowledge

everything that you did right during the day.


Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations.

"I choose to believe I am worthy and deserving of success."

"I have everything I need to accomplish anything I want."

Come up with a list of reasonably phrases,

put them on your phone or index cards, and read them every day.


Brett CruickshankMy name is Brett Cruickshank

I have the power to change my future

I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to do it

If you do not have the power to take action, nothing will change


P.S. View motivational stories and see how rags to riches is more than a fairy tale but a real posibility.


Help someone boost their self esteem today!



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Finding Your Purpose


Finding Your Purpose

Think carefully on what you like to do (not what you WOULD like to do).

I had a friend that liked to cook and said he wanted to own a restaurant,

after a few weeks working in one, he decided he just wanted to be a chef.

You cannot know where your passion will lead you without due diligence.


First you have to believe there is something that you can do to

thoroughly enjoy your life through the results of your actions.

Get rid mentalities such as 'it doesn't matter' or 'that's just the way it is'.

It takes time to be masterful and successful, even with raw talent.

 finding your purpose

Secondly you have to take a step toward it.

Even if that means doing it in your own time.

Do the due diligence of all that is possible, using what makes you happy.

If necessary, you must be willing to try them all to find the right fit.


Only after determining your goal can you make a plan to get there.

It may be a gradual uphill battle but it should be a labour of love.

Schedule your progress realistically.

It may be possible to quit your job and dive into the deep end but

you must determine if that is really a good long term strategy?


Finding Your Purpose - The right way

Any decision should be made from a state of calm.

Do not let a particular incident frustrate you into a radical change in your life

that you cannot justify after you have gotten over the feeling.

On the other hand it is quite possible that the incident

opens your eyes to the need for change.


Stress is not a tool for making life choices.

Try to get objective before you commit.

One of the great ways to put stressful situations into perspective

is the thought that it will not last forever.


That thought can and should motivate you on your chosen path

in a way that allows you to see the value of what you are doing now.

Short term rewards such as 'overtime pay' will not sway you

from the incremental work done toward finding your joy.


Finding your purposeMy name is Brett cruickshank and I want financial freedom.

To get it I am willing to step outside of my comfort zone.

Do whatever it takes to do whatever you want.

It would be a shame to spend your life unhappy.


Take a moment to view how others have changed their life.


Like and share 'Finding Your Purpose' and take it to heart.



The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:

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