Cause and Effect


Cause and Effect - Foresight

I have long advocated teaching children the game of chess

to teach cause and effect at an early age.

The link between the present and the future is too important

for us to ignore if we want to prosper in any way.

 cause and effect

We all have at least one friend that has the nerve to act

surprised when the results of their own actions come to pass.

I honestly do not think they are pretending (anymore).

They really do not see the link between what they did

and what is currently happening in their lives.


It is quite possible that some people are putting on an act

in order to play the role of the victim but I am not thinking of them.

At least they have a plan.

What about those that just cannot see two moves ahead?


Cause and Effect - Planning

If you plant seeds and take care of them, you will eventually grow something.

What if you didn't know what type of seeds they were,

or worse still if you didn't know how to take care of them.

Do not underestimate how much knowledge is necessary to make a plan.


The cause and reflect relationship can be fully viewed only

in retrospect without the benefit of a similar experience.

Lacking that experience you need to have knowledge of someone's

experience to be able to duplicate their results.

This is the reason research is important.

cause and effect 2

If however you refuse to plan ahead (for whatever reason),

you can never be off course because you had no destination.

If you have any goal at all you should have a very specific plan

to ensure that you will get anywhere close to it.


Cause and Effect - Do not ignore

There are many instances where the knowledge and experience are available

yet we simply choose to ignore the cause that would lead us to the desired effect.


  • If you study hard, you are much more likely to pass the test.
  • Practicing anything will yield fewer mistakes.
  • If you continue to do the same thing, you cannot expect different results.


This is likely because it would involve work rather than play.

Sacrifice of pleasure in the pursuit of delayed gratification is a difficult skill.


Nothing worth doing is easy and most difficult things take time.

Find your cause and let if have the effect that you are looking for.


Brett CruickshankMy name is Brett Cruickshank

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If you never take a chance on something different,

you will continue to get the same results.


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Education, not school


Education, not school - They are very different.

Even before I left school I began to dislike telling people my alma mater.

It was clearly a method of judgement that was fundamentally flawed.

I went to a prestigious school but I had met many idiots there so I was never

flattered by the assumptions people automatically made about me.


This is now at the worst it has ever been and I outright HATE the assumptions

made by people (especially about themselves) about intelligence.

Have you ever been in an argument with a certified graduate who was clearly

wrong and have them site their qualifications as part of what makes them right?


The fact is, (and I encourage everyone to test it for themselves) that whatever

the highest level of education that you have ever been,

is where you have met the stupidest person you have ever known.

I made a point of asking a Harvard graduate before making this statement.

Education not school


Education, not school - Only one is important

We all think of school as the be all and end all of education

when we are living in a time when this is very far from the truth.

School is for certification but education can come from everywhere.

Finishing school is neither a measurement of skill nor a guarantee

that the individual will ever be any good at what they do.

Pay attention to the qualifications of the most famous millionaires.


Make sure you focus on your education rather than your qualifications.

The internet has endless free tools that will educate a child without

forcing them to conform to the concepts of stale dated text books for tests.

Schooling trains children to be the workforce that accepts the

40 hour work week() without question as opposed to a pioneer of progress.

school not education

We should all be encouraged to learn as much as we can.

We should also be taught that a teacher's lesson is not infallible

and we must entertain the possibility of unexpected sources of knowledge.

I applaud the teacher who do so.


I do not advocate any bouycott of the school system.

I want us to start believe that the credentials we have or lack does not

impact our ability to succeed in life as much as society would have us think!


Brett CruickshankMy name is Brett Cruickshank

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Learn something everyday.

Question everything.



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Show your support for education, not school.


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Free Time


Free Time vs Recreation

I prefer to think of "free" time as time unassigned to a specific goal

because I believe time always has a cost attached.

Time is the most expensive resource we use.

It is the only resource we spend that we can never get more of.


When you have unallocated time you become bored

and seek to fill it with recreational activity.

More often than not the activity did fill the time

but left you unfulfilled if entertaining at all.


A constant argument that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

I am not saying you should be a workaholic,

I am saying you should manage your time.

People tend to think of free time and recreation as the same thing.

I do not agree, again referring to unallocated time.

Free Time

Recreation time  and free time are different things entirely.

Swimming is recreational for some and yet the may be restricted

to non-negotiable pool hours in which to indulge.

If you schedule carefully it is possible to fill all the hours in your day

and still maintain a balance between work and play.

Free Time - Never enough

It is a common excuse that there is not enough time in the day

to accomplish all that there is to be done.


If you had all the time in the world away from your current

responsibilities you productivity would not suddenly increase.

As a matter a fact it may stop production entirely.


Any unexpected free time can easily become an impromptu

vacation when clear goals have not been set.

The less 'free' time we have the more we accomplish.


All students have experienced a deadline that they have only

been able to complete when they had absolutely no time left.

Most workers think most deadlines to be impossible before

they accomplish it and present on schedule.


We all need time management skills in order to grow.


Brett CruickshankMy name is Brett Cruickshank

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Procastination and time management

are the biggest obstacles.



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Money worries


Money is not something to worry about, it is something to manage.

A hard concept for many people.

It appears the reason for the fear of being broke

is the same as most other fears that plague us.

A lack of understanding.


Money worries - Hoarders

The poor are taught to worry about money.

Society plays its part but mostly their surroundings.

If the laws of supply and demand are put into context,

money is more valuable to those who have little of it.

How ridiculous is it that money can have a value higher than

.................. its measure of value.

 money worries

It is no wonder there are people who horde money,

unwilling to spend any at all if given the choice.

What is the point  though?

Why do you have a measure of STAGNANT wealth?


* Hoard your savings long enough and the value will

consistently decrease due to inflation and other factors!


Money worries - Spenders

On the other side of the coin there are some who neither worry

about money nor manage it so they find themselves broke.

These people serve as the cautionary tale for the hoarders.

They live in the moment with no thought of tomorrow.


Some people believe that they were never taught the 'value' of money.

If this were true only for the rich I would agree.

However we all see examples of individuals who but the latest shoes

and neglect their housing situation and responsibilities to do it.

Money doesn't have to be abundant for you to squander worries 2


I have no problem with buying the bar if you can afford it,

but you should not shirk responsibilities to do it.

Some think that they will always have money and others think

they will not get another chance to show off but it leads to the same place.


Money worries - Investors

Investors are the people who understand money,

or at the least are on their way.

This is true whether it be investing in their own company,

some other company, stock or any other money making venture.


Investors worry about the money that their investment will bring,

as opposed to the money that they already have.

This means that they manage their risk instead of blindly spending

or tightly guarding what they already have.


*Using your money to make more money is the only way to get rich.


The hoarders will find it too risky and the spenders

will get no instant gratification from it.

An investor is the only title that can expand wealth.

This doesn't mean that it is guaranteed but simply that it is possible.


Money worries - Fear

There are rich people who file for bankruptcy who were never as afraid

of being broke as someone working for a steady paycheck every month.

I am sure you know of someone who is obscenely rich or devastatingly

poor and appears to care very little about money.


Think about that statement and ponder how unhappy it must be

to achieve affluence and still fear that your money will fly away.

If you are "rich" and you are still worrying about money,

what is the point of being rich?


Brett CruickshankMy name is Brett Cruickshank

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Be sure to have the right mentality

about money before you chase it.


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Letting people go


Letting people go - You might need to!

It is a difficult thing (for anyone who has a heart) to let go of

someone who has been in their life for a long time.

It may be necessary, recommended and obvious but that does not

stop it from being a devastating change that brings mixed feelings.


The longer the relationship, the harder the process of letting people go.

Parents often try to separate their children from their bad influences

early because they know it will be harder the more time they spend together.

That is not to imply that the only reason to let someone go is because

they are inherently bad, but rather that they are incompatible.

Letting People go

The main reason that you should end a relationship of any kind

is because it hinders you from achieving your goal.

This does not mean that the goal is a good one or the relation ship was a bad one,

just that they were incompatible with each other.


A drug addict has a goal to use drugs and will cut ties

with upstanding community members to do it.


A smoker who sets a goal to quit will stop surrounding himself with smokers. 


Let us assume though that your goals are desirable and you are faced

with the difficult task of changing your life to accommodate your goal.

Why would you need to let someone go?


Letting people go - Outgrowing Friends

I have a friend that has settled in a pattern of stagnation.

A friend does not need to be on a self destructive path

to be a hindrance to your quest for betterment.

Contentment in his current situation causes a lack of action

and his habits are no longer my habits.

If you have a friend like this and you are trying to better your own situation,

you will inevitably grow apart with them.

 Letting people go 2

I also have a friend that is not supportive of the changes going on in my life.

The feeling of being left behind will make a friend angry through jealousy,

unhappiness with themselves and the fear of abandonment.

This emotional response is warranted because if changes continue,

friends who are not progressing will be left behind.

It is important that you are not emotionally blackmailed

into stopping your progress through a sense of loyalty.


It important to realize that letting people go is not a bad or disloyal thing.

As a matter a fact, if the friend is willing to join you on the journey

it will never be necessary to part ways.

What is important is that you do not hold on to a relationship

that pulls you in the opposite direction of you goal.


It is impossible for a true friend to be unhappy when you better yourself.


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Brett CruickshankMy name is Brett Cruickshank

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Make it your goal to become

Financially Educated and Literate.



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